Friday, May 15, 2020

Deep Spring II


   “Crepuscule” is one of my favorite words in English. I first came across it in when I was a teenager. It was the title of a great song by jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, “Crepuscule with Nellie,” which he recorded with the great saxophonist John Coltrane. I absolutely loved that song and was playing it regularly when I realized I had no idea what “crepuscule” meant. So I looked it up: 
crepuscule: noun: time between evening and night; twilight; dusk.”

   I had not known there was a word for that time period, and in truth, I had not paid much attention at all to that time period. After all; I was a teenager. (smile) But as I aged and got into birdwatching and camping, I gradually came to appreciate that time and its specialness. In that space between evening and night, the sky becomes a magical space. The sun dims, some planets slowly become visible at various parts of the year, the darkness of night gradually moves in, and stars and the moon start to appear. It is wondrous. And that time is especially magical now, in the midst of “Deep Spring.” Things all around and above us are going through little changes at this time, and we can get to notice them. Some nocturnal insects start coming out and buzzing around. Bees start heading to their hives. Songbirds start moving to feeders for their last meal of the day and then home to their nests. Owls start waking up and moving about. In some parts of the city and burbs foxes, possums, and racoons, become visible. In my Mt. Airy neighborhood hundreds of chimney swifts take part each night in a massive group flight to nest in the chimneys of the Houston School on Allen Lane. There is a lot of nature going on at dusk, and we get to be able to observe and be aware of it. 

  We are in month 3 of Lockdown and Shelter-in-Place, and crepuscule is especially important to me right now. The pandemic and its effects are continuing alongside a glorious spring, and I need to remain aware of that so I do not get lost in fear, depression and anxiety. I like to go walking at least twice most days, and walking at dusk has become very important to me. I look up as I walk, watch the slow and subtle changes in the sky. And I am reminded that there is still plenty going on to be happy about in this world and to appreciate. I can watch as the constellations move into different positions over the course of the month and the moon goes through its phases. I can be aware of the sounds that I can notice now that there is so much less traffic. And I can breathe deeply and feel more connected to the universe. I can feel my humanness and know wonder and joy. 

    “Crepuscule;” what a wonderful and magical word. Thank you, Thelonious, both for the tune, and for opening me up to all that word can mean and allows.

(Crepuscule with Nellie)

We as citizens have some important opportunities to be heard and deadlines to meet if we wish to be heard:

Deadline to Register to vote: Monday May, 18

Deadline to Apply for Mail-In Ballot: Tuesday, May 26 (Note, if you plan to vote using an absentee or mail-in ballot in the 2020 GENERAL PRIMARY held on 06/02/2020, your completed application must be received in the county office by 5:00 PM on 05/26/2020)

Deadline to Return Mail-In Ballot: Tuesday, June 2 (Note, if you vote using an absentee or mail-in ballot in the 2020 GENERAL PRIMARY held on 06/02/2020, the deadline to return your voted ballot is 8:00 PM on 06/02/2020

CENSUS 2020 The census helps the Federal government decide on things such as voting districts, grants for Federal aid, transportation and highway funds, and a hell of a lot more. It is one of the ways our tax dollars get back to us in our own areas, so it is essential that as accurate a count as possible is taken. COVID means the door to door census is on hold, so our online completions are even more important now. Please go to:

I know a lot of you are already supporting some of the groups working to meet some of the challenges associated with COVID-19. If you are looking for more or other ways to be involved locally, here are some suggestions:


Links to local Food Banks:

Homelessness: Project Home

 To report domestic violence: 


May and June gigs for the Dukes have been postponed

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