Thursday, July 9, 2020

Walkin' By Myself AgAin...

Walking By Myself….
  As we move into our fifth month of response to the COVID pandemic, my morning walks have come to mean more and more to me. Yes, I also walk in the evening around dusk, but it is my morning rambles that I have come to rely on and relish. Like many of us my nights’ sleeps are inconsistent. I can have a truly restful night that helps me wake up feeling refreshed. And I can also have nights where my sleep is full of worry, anxiety, plans, fears, and more. My early morning walks are what helps me with that. Someone once said, “Move a muscle, change a thought,” and I heartily agree with that.

My walks of late have taken me on a variety of routes. I am   ADD, so changing routes works well for me, particularly when I wake up anxious or unsettled . I see new things and am taken out of my head and into what is around me. I have discovered some incredible gardens on side streets in West Mt. Airy and some wonderful artwork and totem poles on gardens in East Mt Airy and Chestnut Hill. It is a little louder in the morning these days, as the city has opened up a bit; I do wish folks did not feel that they had to roll their windows down so I get to hear whatever they are listening to at 6 AM in the morning. But it is still quiet enough when I am on side streets and away from traffic.  And I can begin to feel soothed.

And there are constants: I am out as the day is coming into being, and on most days the sky is unbelievably beautiful and powerful. Pink and red streaks, wispy, widespread clouds or various “puffs,” a variety of shades of blue stretching into the horizon: it can be truly “awesome” in the original meaning of the word: ”inspiring reverence.”

And as I walk up Mt Airy Ave at the end of my walk and see the moon still visible in the NW sky, I am somehow restored. I can enter the new day as my best self and ready to do all the things that I have to do. Even, and especially, at times like these we need to show up as our best selves, for there is much to do to help myself, this place, and this world try to heal. So “move a muscle?” YES!
(The song “Walking By Myself, has long been one of my favorite songs. Here is my favorite version of it with Jimmy Rogers and Little Walter:

CENSUS 2020 The census helps the Federal government decide on things such as voting districts, grants for Federal aid, transportation and highway funds, and a hell of a lot more. It is one of the ways our tax dollars get to come back to us in our own areas, and as COVID makes abundantly clear, we need our tax dollars to work for us. It is essential that as accurate a count as possible is taken, particularly when the the door to door census is on hold. Our online completions are even more important now than ever before. Please go to the website:
I know a lot of you are already supporting some of the groups working to meet some of the challenges associated with COVID-19. If you are looking for more or other ways to be involved locally, here are some suggestions:
Links to local Food Banks:
Homelessness: Project Home
 To report domestic violence: 
INFO ON COVID-19 TESTS COVID-19 Symptoms and Testing

  The recent upticks in local COVID infections means that the Dukes are going to lay low until December at the earliest. Hopefully treatments and/or a COVID vaccine can be developed, tested and distributed by then, but we are not doing any live gigs for now. It is simply too risky. We want to thank all of our fans and friends-playing for you is an absolute joy and the reason we do what we do. We are looking forward to a time when we can safely do it live again. Stay safe, be careful and be well.

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Change of Address: Hideaway Records, owned by my high school buddy Brian Reisman and one of my favorite record, CD and DVD stores, has moved down the Hill to 8230 Germantown Ave. Look for the top hat on the sign
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