Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Early In The Morning



   “Come see me early in the morning, Baby 'bout the break of day...”    
               Numerous blues songs  


   We have had some gorgeous weather these last few days. It almost always seems as if harsh, stormy weather is followed by days of incredible beauty and clarity with great skies and wonderful cloud patterns.  It has not been too hot and humid, and there have been some nice breezes. I have enjoyed these last few days and their peace and beauty. And for me, being able to notice and enjoy all of this always starts with me being out in the morning.   

    I am a morning person. Even though I have been retired from teaching since 2015, most days still find me up at 5 or 5:30 and out of the house within a half hour of waking up. It is simply what I do and need to do. I am better most days when I encounter the day as it is coming into being. Morning is a magic time for me, and I meet it best by early morning walking. I do not walk for as long as I was when I was younger, of course, but it is still important for me to walk early in the morning. I love the quiet and the calm that is so often there. There is little traffic, not a lot of people are out, and the world seems more navigable and peaceful. My thoughts seem clearer, and the rhythm of walking puts me in a different space. I seem to be able to notice things in the morning that I often do not notice at other times. I also often think thoughts that do not seem to come at other times. If I have been jammed up about something or worrying, morning walks usually help me work things out. It is not quite meditative, but walking in the morning often helps me.   

   Another thing I love about the morning is the changing light and the skies. Cloud patterns, seeing the moon still in the sky, moving shadows, the streaks the sun makes as it rises and shines through the clouds-all of these are things that both soothe me and make me marvel. Daylight Savings Time is still around, so it is slowly becoming darker at 6 AM than it has been for the last few months. And as we move through this part of the year, the sky is a little different each day. So if I am looking up and being aware, I can get a new treat each day. Watching the day come into being never gets boring for me.   

 Mornings are special to me; they hold promise and hope and quiet joy and comfort. Being out and about in the morning helps me ease into the day rather than being jolted into it. And if I let myself ease into the day, I usually have a better one.  Morning is a magic time for me, and I meet it best by walking.  


We are, of course, holding those of you who are still recovering from the damages of Hurricane Ida in the light; it was an incredibly damaging and scary storm that wreaked havoc on a wide swath of the tri-state area and beyond. I do hope that your recovery processes are going as well as can be expected and that you are finding the help and support you need. Here is a link to Federal information:  

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