Monday, November 1, 2021

Deep Fall



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   Fall is definitely here now. The unnatural high temperatures of the first few weeks of October have given way to much cooler weather, windy days, and the earlier arrival of night. I love this time of the year: I call it, “Deep Fall” as we are in the heart of what autumn means and can show. The weather is noticeably cooler: I made my first pot of chicken soup last week, and I have used the electric blanket a couple of nights now. The mornings are brisk, and when I am out walking in the early morning I can look up at the sky and see a bright moon cutting through the darkness. The trees and bushes have finally started changing into fall colors, and a couple of my favorite sugar maples are flame- like in their reds and orange. A number of other trees still haven’t changed yet, but I get to walk on some sidewalks strewn with colorful leaves like a magical procession. And the daytime is presenting us with large swaths of clouds that look like ocean waves. There is a quiet, brisk energy in the air that gives a little bounce to one's step and makes one feel more alive.  

  It is also the time of the fall hawk and songbird migration. I have been to Carpenter’s Woods twice so far, and the late afternoons have seen a number of red-tailed and Cooper’s hawks, various woodpeckers, chickadees, juncos, sifts, and some swallows riding the winds. Nighttime has me looking up and seeing the bright moon, swaths of clouds, and several constellations, including The Dippers and, I think, Pegasus. I like this early darkness, and am somewhat unhappy about Daylight Savings Time taking place next week. But I will adjust, and the differences in light will allow me to see some other things when that happens. But for right now, I am just enjoying being in this place at this time in the year. 

   Deep Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Looking and noticing everything going on around me gets me to slow down and to marvel at all of the quiet changes that are there. And I get to appreciate that this is another part of that quietly amazing cycle of seasons that we are able to witness and to enjoy. I do hope that this is a great time for each of you as well. Get out, see the changing colors, look at the night sky and simply marvel. Happy Fall! 


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